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Urgent Translations

If you are pressed for time or the due date for submitting your documentation is just around the corner, we can help! We have a 24-hour urgent translation service available for most common documents needing translation (ie translation of birth certificates, passports, driver’s licences, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, university diplomas/degrees, immunisation records, military records etc). These services are subject to translators’ availability and the number of documents to be translated. We may be able to accommodate any other rush translation projects you have - please enquire now (

Please communicate the urgency of your translation assignment to us at the time of requesting your quote, so we can handle your order with priority.

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NAATI Translations
and Official Document

The Department of Home Affairs, other government, academic and employment agencies in Australia often accept only translations of Russian documents completed by a NAATI certified translator.

Our Russian translators are NAATI certified (accredited) and provide certified translations with a NAATI stamp as required for official purposes.

We often complete certified translations from Russian into English or from English into Russian of the following official documents:

  • Diplomas/Academic Transcripts
  • Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificates
  • Name change certificate
  • Drivers licences
  • Professional qualification certificates
  • Medical and Immunisation records
  • Bank Statements
  • Police reports, police checks, clearance certificates
  • Passports
  • Apostilles
  • Affidavits
  • Wills
  • Reference and Recommendation Letters
  • Legal and Official Documents (Contracts, Agreements, Leases, Affidavits)


The Department of Homes Affairs generally requires NAATI certified translations of Russian documents.

We have translated documents for all categories of visas including permanent entry visas, work visas, temporary entry visas, visitor visas and business visas. This includes popular Australian visa categories such as spouse visa applications, independent skilled migrants, employer-sponsored and employer-nominated applications.

Legal Translations

In such an intensely detailed field, legal translations need to be accurate into both English and Russian. Thus legal translators with experience and professionalism are of the utmost importance. We have the experience you need to ensure that you achieve the best results with your Russian to English or English to Russian legal translations. As professional translators, we adhere to strict rules of Confidentiality pursuant to the AUSIT Code of Ethics.

We translate legal documents for court proceedings, litigation, estate planning, family matters, as well as contracts, agreements, leases and affidavits.

Business Translations

  • Brochures
  • Letters and emails
  • Print, Radio and TV
  • Product Information / Manuals
  • Articles
  • Advertisements
  • Sales Agreements
  • Press Releases
  • Technical Translations
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Marketing Material

General Translations

We often undertake translations of general texts or documents for personal purposes not requiring NAATI certification. These could include personal correspondence, emails, diaries or any other document from the Business Translations list.

Translation of medical documents and certificates for bringing medicines to Russia

If you are travelling to Russia, you should be aware that laws about the import and use of medicines are strict. You need a doctor's letter and a notarised translation confirming your need for each medication that contains restricted substances. We can assist with the official translation of any medical documents you need translated for your upcoming trip to Russia. We will treat your medical documentation with utmost confidentiality, so you may feel free to send it through to receive a no obligation quote.

Document Proofreading, Editing, Verification and Certification

To save costs and time, some professional translations may be proofread, edited, verified and/or certified with a NAATI stamp, subject to their quality and compliance with the translation requirements in Australia.

Please feel free to send your original document and its translation to see if we can help.


Our transcription service involves turning an oral text into a written one. The original text may be a video, audio file, interview or business meeting.

Transcription translations are especially useful when you need to share the transcription of a video or audio file with people that do not speak the same language.

Our Russian transcribers are trained to transcribe all kind of audio and video files no matter how long or complex they are. RussiaTranslation delivers accurate translations and transcriptions 24/7.